Hiring in Handa/ Okazaki / Kani

Job description:

-Welcoming and greeting guests.
-Take orders and serve food and beverages.
-Kitchen works (cleaning / washing dishes)

Job requirements:

-Must have a visa (Tokutei Gino)
-Japanese level N3
-Proper hygiene

Type of work:

Official staff

Work schedule:

(Depending on branch)
7-9 hours / day
1-2 hours/ day (Break time)
10-45 hours / a month(Overtime)
8-11 days / month. Holidays


Salary: 190,000yen to 225,000yen / month ( Depending on branch )
Salary increase: ✅

Company of profile:

Line of business: Restaurant

Locatuion: Aichi or Gifu

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