Hiring in Matsubara City,Osaka

Job description:

Building insulation work.
(1) Curing Protect the surrounding area with tape so that it does not get dirty.
(2) Spraying insulation Spray insulation onto the wall using a special tool.
(3) Finishing Scrape off the insulation that protrudes beyond the default.
(4) Cleaning up the work site before leaving.
The above is the general flow of the day. First, let’s master from ⑴⑶⑷. If you can spray with a special tool, your position and salary will increase. The current staff are all inexperienced. * The person in charge will always support you until you get used to it.

Job requirements:

*Drivers license ( Those who can drive a 2t truck is a plus )
*Japanese ability – Daily conversation
*Inexperienced Ok.
*Educational background not required

Type of work:

Official staff

Work schedule:

8:00 to 17:00
Actual work 8 hours (1 hour break)
*Varies depending on the site. The sooner the site is finished, the sooner you can go home.


From 320,000 yen (*Assumed annual income from 3,840,000 yen)
*Trial period of 3 months (300,000 yen per month during the trial period)

Company of profile:

Line of business: Industrial

Location: Matsubara City, Osaka

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