Hiring in Okayama

Job description:

ーPreparing the surface to be coated by cleaning and prepping it, such as by sanding or priming it.
ーSmoothing and finishing the coating to achieve a uniform surface.
ーMaking sure that safety precautions are being followed and that the work area is properly ventilated.
ーCleaning and maintaining equipment used for the job.

Job requirements:

ーDrivers license ( Those who can drive a 2t truck is a plus )
ーknowledge of architecture (wood construction).
ーJapanese ability: Daily conversation.
ーage is preferably between 20 and 35 years old.

Type of work:

Official staff

Work schedule:

8:00-17:00 (break 2 hours) 7 hours work, if it exceeds 7 hours it will be treated as overtime


Basic salary: 146,000 + Deemed overtime (35 hours) 44,000 yen + Incentive (depending on sales/skills) Salary upper limit is about 500,000 yen (Incentive MAX 310,000 yen, Av 180,000 yen)
Salary increase: Twice a year (April/October)
Bonus: Once in April (for 1 month)

Company of profile:

Line of business: Industrial

location: Okayama, Japan

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